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Accounting Software

Accounting and billing software is crucial for businesses irrespective of their sizes-small, medium, or large. In business there is a wide range of activities that need to be efficiently recorded, effectively analyzed, and correctly interpreted to get the true picture of business financial health. However, manually performing these tasks is not only complex but also time-consuming. But with easy to use accounting software, all the processes are simplified, proffering the business owner to focus on growth!

Cloud Accounting

Digit-X-Books offers user-friendly cloud accounting solutions that help businesses streamline core financial operations, boost productivity, and scale at a faster rate. From small traders to medium manufacturers, cloud-based accounting offers a great saving on maintenance and overhead expenses as well as handles multi-currency transactions in varied languages.

Billing - Invoice

Billing invoice software is specially designed software that plays a significant role in automating the entire billing or invoicing operations in a business. The software helps generate a complete list of products and services along with their respective costs which can then be easily sent to the clients as an invoice. It is known that manual invoicing is quite prone to errors and even a minute error in this regard can result in a huge loss. It is precisely the situation where Digit-X-Books comes to the rescue of the business owners by providing them with the best billing software for free invoicing online.

GSTR1, simply returned!

The Digit-X-Books’s platform has been designed to cater to laymen and new users while still offering all the technical settings for advanced users who are already familiar with the details of GSTR1 filing process. The highly responsive user-interface rids you of a glitchy filing system.

Purchase Order

Purchase order software from Digit-X-Books helps in easy and quick management of the entire lifecycle of purchase orders starting from their creation through approval as well as delivery to the vendors or suppliers. Therefore, Digit-X-Books’s software plays a significant role in making the process easy, less time-consuming, and accurate. Here are a few major reasons why you should opt for the purchase order software from Digit-X-Books.

Batch Tracking System

Digit-X-Books keeps you updated about the expiry of your inventory, keeps you posted for reorders and even keeps a track of locations from where you get most orders from. Digit-X-Booksbatchmanagement with stock solution offers you the best-suited resolution every single time.

Sale Tracking

Streamline all the sales operations with the help of Digit-X-Books’s comprehensive sales tracking system that is designed in such a manner that it helps sell more efficiently and effectively. The software comes with a wide array of features that makes the entire process of sales easy by gathering all business data in one single place. It is to make sure that you can easily focus on getting the most appropriate solutions for the core business problems while the sale tracking software from Digit-X-Books manages the sales data.

Performance Measurement

Performance measurement software from Digit-X-Books is drafted to present corporate performance measurement in the right way. It provides business development KPIs to help business development managers to understand what exactly needs improvement that would benefit the organization. The business development manager KPI acts as the key to track each of the indicators and get the best out of them. Some of the major tasks that can be performed by the software are discussed below.

Expense Tracking

The inexpensive tracking tool of Digit-X-Books enables you to track income & expenses without having to keep up with tally or any other conventional platforms. Enter the inflow and outflow of finances in our thoughtfully designed platform that brings you all the advantages of a dedicated expense tracking software while still offering the versatility and convenience of an online tool. Stay above multi-figure payments without investing in costly tools that fail to deliver perfection even through a dedicated system of operation.

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Digit-X-Books is a technology company that is renowned to be working with top-end clients. We persistently endeavor to adopt new technologies that might cause future blemishes. Additionally, we employ the industry's latest technologies and innovations to aid in business growth.
Digit-X-Books is primarily a cloud-based GST and VAT manageable accounting-inventory payroll software. Its comprehensive features are designed for every business irrespective of their size, whether small or big players. The ultimate motive is to ensure that every business which reaps the myriad benefits of this software attains newer heights in the current market.

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